INJAWARA festival in Kaunas - November 7th

injawara-saretas07102014On November 7th SARETAS is starting the INJAWARA festival in Kaunas. Part of the Festival's idea is to attract the very best ideas generated by young people to solve social problems, and making sure that the creative bar is always being raised higher. This will contribute to solving MDGs and make a visible footprint. Dedicated to supporting, nurturing and showcasing young social initiators, the festival invites most talented individuals. The festival will provide them with a platform to ‘shine' at what is recognised as one of the best celebrations of youth achievements in contributing to MDG anywhere in the world today.

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Tamat (ITALY) – Fifth newsletter on Injawara Board Game National Competitions

newsitem-tamat-oct2014-2On 13th September 2014, in occasion of FestAmbiente Perugia, Tamat launched the Injawara Board Game National Competition in Italy, that have been closed with the announcement of the WAX winner team on the 21th October. The competition saw 28 teams involved, composed each by four youth, that played with enthusiasm and both cooperative and competitive spirit, as the aim of the game and of a competition requires. Everyone showed great interest and participation, not only in the game but also in the discussion about the Millennium Development Goals. Feedback coming from youth were greatly satisfactory regarding the game dynamics and contents, and this represent for us the best possible conclusion of what has been a hard working period on game development and testing. For this reason the realization of the competition turned out really satisfactory for us and for all the participants!

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Tamat (ITALY) - Fourth newsletter on Documentary Trailers Competition and Injawara Board Game National Competitions

newsitem-tamat-oct2014On 27th September, during the PerSO – Perugia Social Film Festival, it has been screened the winning documentary of the online Injawara competition: “The Dark Side of Chocolate”. The competition was directed to all the european youngsters involved in Injawara project and has been organized to provide them with insights on Global Citizenship and to motivate them to critical understanding, reflection and discussion, that can lead to take small actions in their everyday life toward responsibility and change. In total, 129 youth participated to the competitions and voted what they thought to be the most powerful between 6 documentaries in contest (The dark side of chocolate, Fair Tales, Shady Chocolate, The harvest, Land Rush, Solar Mamas). The documentaries have been kindly offered by Tutti nello stesso piatto Festival.

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