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INJAWARA at NGO Fair in Bulgaria

From 18 to 21 September in Stara Zagora was organized the 7th festival of the NGO`s working with young people. The event was organized on different locations in the city – Roman forum on the open air, the regional library, the regional museum in Stara Zagora and some other attractive historical and cultural places in the city.

One of the main goal was to show to the wide audience the young activities, projects etc. Different NGO`s presented their work, different type of activities – sport, educational and training, leisure, environment, social, preserving the heritage, music, art and many others.

“EURO-training” took very active part in this event. They promoted widely the INJAWARA project, engaged the public in the project products and activities. Worked in groups and discussed the MDG`s, discussion on the future of the MDG was guided as well. The upcoming game tournament was announced and the game rules and idea was widely announced and promoted among many young people and other interested audience. Project flyers and other project gadgets were successfully distributed to raise awareness about the project idea and products.