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CARDET - Newsletter 6 - Workshop, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

cardet-newsletter6In the framework of the INJAWARA (injawara.eu) project, a workshop was organized with the collaboration of Accept-LGBT Cyprus (accept.org.cy). Main objectives of the workshop was the awareness raising on global citizenship and its connection to development. The workshop started with a get to know each other session where participants were asked to present themselves and to discuss their expectation of the workshop.

The trainer, then, presented the project and CARDET so that participants be familiar with both the research centre CARDET and INJAWARA project. The activities of the workshop started with a reflection on global citizenship. Participants we asked to discuss their thoughts on global citizenship, what does global citizenship mean and in which context could be used. Participants did not have a clear view on global citizenship and their main expectations included the main terms around global citizenship and how they could be used in practice. The trainer then delivered a presentation that gave an introduction on global citizenship, making the term clear to participants and setting the framework for the rest of the training.

The next activity was for participants to be familiar with social justice and global citizenship and the link between the two. Following this, a case study was then presented on how social justice and global citizenship can be implemented into practice.

The last part of the workshop was the presentation on different ways where participants could be involved in active citizenship and how to act to make a positive change. Participants worked into groups in order to think of a topic in the framework of global citizenship that could promote the common good and stand up for an idea. Participants prepared an action plan for a local activity to promote active citizenship and presented it to the rest of the group.