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TAMAT - Third newsletter on Educational Workshop with the Injawara Board Game!

Tamat NGO has organized two Educational Workshop in which a prototype of the Injawara Board Game has been used as a didactic tool to raise awareness and stimulate the discussion. The first meeting has been conducted on the 9th of April with the young participants of the European project "Comenius" - "We all smile in the same language" - Intercultural Dialogue for an Active Citizenship Education (ETHIC), upon request of its manager. The project represent a multilateral partnership focused on Intercultural Dialogue and the acquisition, by young people, of an Active European Citizenship, involving 10 schools from 9 European countries: Italy, Germany, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey and Poland. After a global overview on the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, the 50 youngsters have been divided in groups and...the game started! The level of interest and participation of the youth to the play test has been really satisfactory, making us understand that we are on the right way.

On the 5th of May a second Educational Workshop has been conducted using the Injawara Board Game with a group of youth from the Blaise Pascal Institute of Perugia, during the afterschool. The youth who participated in the workshop have shown so much interest and involvement for discussion on the Millennium Development Goals, and they played with great spirit of cooperation to answer questions on the 8 MDGs.