News from Jarit in May 2014

Once finished the workshops, we made two Skype calls with a Senegalese AJSS Association (Association des Jeunes pour la Solidarité et la Sensibilisation). Firstly we introduced ourselves and then talked about the MDG 1, and then about the second MDG2, gender. In the coming months other Skype calls and exchanges are planned.

We have been creating awareness actions and on May 18th, as part of the World Fair Trade Day held in Valencia, we conducted a performance on the distribution of natural resources in the world. Who produces, how are the resources distributed and how do the continents look like in terms of natural resources distribution after the commercial negotiations. The performance was a success. Hundreds of people were able to understand why natural resources are distributed unfairly. All materials used were recycled, cardboard boxes picked up from the local supermarkets to dramatize the natural resources.

We keep thinking of new activities for the coming months. For the next academic year, a group of young students of a local design faculty have created an action of service learning after the workshops sessions in ephemeral installation on gender and 4R.

Designing the game, closing proposal Gadgets, phrases for the manifesto, thinking about how we want to do the tournaments, the final festival. Non-stop activities and ideas to transform our reality.