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TAMAT has been coordinating the realization of the Injawara Game mainly in collaboration with JARIT – partner association in charge of the realization of the online Game too.

The first game proposal has been presented the 20th of May 2013 when the partnership validated the idea to realize a collaborative Game that is, a game where no one wins, no one loose and no one is excluded since is the team playing and not the single players competing.  

In general, the Game realization  has been one of the main challenges of the In.J.Awa.Ra project since not foreseen by original plan. In Italy, TAMAT addressed this challenge acting fully in line with the aim of the project that is, involving Hydragames: a local youth association whose mission is the promotion of board and role games, by organizing public events and game sessions open to interested people.

The Game testing has been thus transversally engaging the Italian team for the whole project duration:

  • during the educational workshops: the game in this case has been used as a didactic tool. The realization of questions and answers stimulated discussions and refelction about the different MDGs treated;
  • Tamat and Hydragames have been establishing weekly sessions of testing (each Wednesday) in the Città della Domenica: during these sessions Tamat team had the possibility to test with professionals youth working in creation of games the Injawara game’ dynamics and reflect on feedbacks collected by the partnership (during each coordination meeting and ad hoc skype conference);
  • Tamat participated with a stand at the GiocaPerugia 2013 event on 16-17th November, a 2 days initiative in the Rocca Paolina for board games lovers to play and test different kind of new and old games;
  • during an event organized the 9 April 2014 at the Institute ITET Capitini in Perugia within a COMENIUS project “We all smile in the same language”: Tamat team was invited to present the game and test it with the youth coming from from 9 different European countries (Cyprus, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Lettonia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey). For one day they have been playing together and reflecting with the support of the awareness raising experts on Injawara themes. So they exchanged in a very informal way their ideas and feelings. 

The testing activity had played a crucial role for the right development of Injawara Board Game’s dynamics, and it was useful to collect suggestions and recommendation by the users: at the beginning for example, the game’s dynamic was too complicated and it made the game’s action too slow and difficult to enjoy. More than 3 prototypes have been created and the Game re-discussed!

The tests have been useful moreover to ameliorate questions and answers: the majority of users suggested to reduce the number of questions containing numbers, percentages and statistics. It was a useful tip because these kind of questions in many cases are boring and don’t stimulate the reasoning process and debates among players.

The game dynamics was validated during the 4th coordination meeting held in Valencia the 27-28 of January 2014 after 8 months from the first prototype: an hard work involving many different kind of users and players with different cultural background and games attitudes.

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